Stay Post-Diet Pert Forever - 4 Best Fat-Trimming Teas!

If you’re dieting now, planning to loseweight or looking for a simple and effective way to maintain your pert post-diet figure, this article is for you!

Sweet drinks
One of the most difficult problems faced by dieters is how to stop their craving for sugary foods.  Many people believe that switching to diet sodas, containing artificial sweeteners, is a sensible plan to cut out the calories they have been drinking.
Well, yes, up to a point.

Craving sweet snacks
This isn’t such a good idea because whenever the body takes in something sweet-tasting, it releases ‘happy’ neurotransmitters in the brain whether the drink is sweetened with sugar, fructose (fruit sugars) or artificial sweetener.
So by continuing to drink sweet-tasting sodas and fruit juice, you are still feeding the body’s sugar addiction and will continue to crave sweet snacks – until you deal with it once and for all!

Stop your hunger pangs
Oolong tea can deal with that problem for you, because it is clinically proven to suppress appetite and its smooth, light flavour will help re-train your sugar-hungry taste buds.

Flush your excess fat
Then to break-down and flush out those stubborn fat stores, drink Pu-erh tea which has been clinically proven to improve your digestive system and drain unnecessary, fatty fluids. 
The healthy action of Pu-erh keeps your stomach feeling full and satisfied for longer – which is the only way to stop snacking!

Drop excess fat fast
To drop weight even more quickly, add Green tea into the mix. Like all of these four fat-fighting teas from the Camellia Sinensis plant genus, it speeds up the metabolism and burns-off excess fat automatically, through the process of thermogenesis,  
Natural thermogenic calorie-burning works for everyone - from couch potatoes to busy executives - without the need to cut calories or do any exercise at all.

Post-diet – drinking White tea stops the Yo-Yo Effect
Some people are rightly worried that engaging in strict calorie cutting diets may lead them to develop Yo-Yo Dieting Syndrome. 
This happens when you’ve slimmed down to your healthy target weight and then you start to relax the rules a little and then a lot, until all the lost weight comes back – plus even more!
However, when you drink White tea, the clinically-tested, fourth member of this marvellous team, it works in the body to actively restrict the formation of new fat-cells! 

Stay slim forever by restricting growth of new fat
You can get slim and stay slim forever - without changing your regular diet – by drinking a blend of these four fat-fighting teas.  They all produce thermogenesis or fat-burning – plus individual anti-fat properties that have been tested and reported in many international obesity studies.

Synergy boost potency x10
Finally, you can increase the power of these natural and safe anti-fat teas by ten-fold, if you take them in a scientifically recognized synergy. 
A synergetic blend of the unique catechins found in these four teas, allows them to interact and support each other like a highly trained team. 
In unison, they safely and naturally break down and burn up excess fatty tissue, control appetite and strictly limit the formation of new fat-cells.
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What’s New in 21st Century Slimming Trends?

Whether you’re trying to lose a little extra weight around your waist or struggling with a long term weight problem that is badly affecting your health, this article is for you!
What we are all looking for is a sensible answer to our weight problems, that is quick, healthy, easy to do and easy to keep on doing!

Join the slimming revolution
So read on and learn which weight loss trends are ‘out’ and discover the method that is most definitely ‘in’ - because it has revolutionized the way that people lose weight in the 21st century!  

Hard exercise is hard work!
One major difference in how people approach their weight loss is the trend away from expensive gym memberships and personal fitness instructors.  Whilst these two methods are certainly very helpful in burning up calories and getting people lighter and fitter, it’s sheer hard work and very time-consuming.

A temporary fix
If you rely on an exercise regime to make your body burn off the extra calories you eat, you have to keep up the same rate of activity forever.  Because the minute you stop exercising, your excess weight will come back to haunt you!

Smart Technology – not smart enough!
Through smart phones and tablets, there are now lots of new apps and websites with low-calorie meal plans and other slimming tips. 
But - the downside is the cost to your pocket and to your self-esteem!
Until someone invents an app which will do the shopping and prepare me a super-tasty low calorie meal - every day - I’m not really interested in being made to feel guilty about lacking the time, energy or culinary skills to keep up with their ‘smart’ advice!

And the winner is . . . naturallythermogenic tea!
For rapid and sustained weight loss peopleneed something healthy, but easy to do without lots of fuss!
That’s why synergetically-blended, thermogenic teas have swept the board to become theslimming trend for 21st century dieters. 
The big four obesity-busting teas are Green tea, White tea, Oolong tea and Pu-erh tea. These teas have been scientifically proven - in many international research trials - to create a natural thermogenic, or fat-burning, process in the body.

Synergy boosts potencyten-fold
Individually, they all contain the efficient thermogenic component called catechin polyphenol. 
Catechins speed up the body’s metabolism in a unique and more efficient way than nerve-jangling caffeine, to burn up excess calories every day without dieting.
Science has proved (see below) that when combined, the potency of these teas is multiplied by a factor of 10 and this is called the Synergy Effect.

Four-way action
In addition, each of the four obesity-blockers has a different andextra benefit:
·         Green tea – fat-burning without dieting or exercise
·         White tea – breaks down fat and restrictsthe formation of new fat cells
·         Pu–erh tea – drains excess fluids and keeps stomach feeling full longer
·         Oolong tea – a natural appetite suppressant with a delicious flavor

Happy dieting!
By taking these four teas in a synergetic blend, the speed of weight loss is increased by 10 times!And it works withoutcutting out your favorite foods.
So - if you’ve been searching for a simple, healthy, natural and no-fuss way to drop weight fast - without going hungry –you know what to do!
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Six Superfast Ways to Slim Healthily& Stay That Way for Life!

Whether you’ve just achieved your target weight through strict calorie cutting, or strong diet pills or if you’re too busy to exercise or control your eating, these genuinely effective methods are perfect for you!

No. 6Be aware of‘hidden calories’and the fact that many processed foods labeled ‘Diet-friendly’ are in fact high calorie foods.

No. 5 If you crave chocolate, deal with your addiction by including pure cocoa in your diet. You’ll get a higher concentration of the ‘feel good’ chemical serotoninand a healthier, more appetite-satisfying food option.
It’s easy to make a delicious chocolatepudding by cooking up some brown rice flavored withpure cocoa and a little brown sugar, vanilla essence and cinnamon.

No. 4 Switch to eating the sweetest raw fruit available in your area.  Many people have simply forgotten how sweet and satisfying fruit can be, because we are surrounded by advertising for candy, cookies and chocolate.

No. 3 If you don’t like eating raw fruit, try this easy alternative.  Wash and chop a mixture of any type of fruit into chunks.  Drop it into a saucepan with a little water and simmer until soft.  Add a little brown sugar, cinnamon or vanilla flavoring.
Keep a batch in the fridge to eat either hot or cold, whenever you get a sweet food craving.  And it’s simple to pop a serving or two into a plastic container to eat at work instead of a high fat snack.

No. 2 Avoiddrinking any type of soda or concentrated fruit juices – these are the enemy because theywill keep you hooked on sweet-tasting foods.

No. 1 Switch to drinking healthy, calorie burning and appetite suppressing teas from the CamelliaSinensis species - Green Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea and Pu-erh Tea.
They all contain catechin which creates a very efficient thermogenetic or fat-burning action.
These are the big four weight-reducing teas, that have been extensively researched all over the world (including by the U.S. Department of Agriculture) and found to have excellent fat-burning and appetite reducing properties.

A talented team
Briefly stated, these are just some of the internationally-recognized slimming properties provided by these four thermogenictea plants.
·         Green Tea – Thermogenic action speeds up the metabolic rate to burn-off excess calories speedily, safely and naturally
·         White Tea – Breaks down large,existing stores of excess fat – no matter how long they’ve been there - and restricts the formation of new fat-cells
·         Pu-erh Tea –Prevents hunger pangs by improvingthe digestive system, draining unnecessary fluid and keeping the stomach feeling full for longer
·         Oolong Tea – Appetite suppressant, fat-burner and deliciously fragrant with a soft, freshflavor

Synergy – Increases Potency x10
The proven benefits of each tea are magnified10-fold when all four are combined to form a scientifically recognized synergetic blend.
This is most people’s favorite way to slim quickly and healthily, because no special diet or exercise is necessary. 
You eat regular meals and get the same calorie-burning effects as a tough gym workout - every day - simply by drinking this natural, safe, obesity-busting brew.

Have a great life!
So – all you need to do now is select your ownfavorite superfast way to slim healthily andstay that way forever!
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Scientific Studies Behind the Power of Oolong Tea in Aiding Weight Loss

Many people are not aware that all tea actually comes from the same plant: Camellia Sinensis. Other plants can be processed and brewed in the same manner as tea, but in actuality they are just that: brewed drinks. When it comes to the differences between varieties of tea, it all comes down to processing. When first picked, all tea is green tea. To create green tea as a finished product, the tea is heated following harvest in order to stop the process of oxidation within the leaf. Then, the tea leaves are rolled, breaking down the cell structure of the leaves.

In order to produce oolong tea, the leaves are carefully picked and then allowed to oxidize under very specific conditions. The leaves are not crushed, leaving much of the cell structure in its unbroken, natural form. The end result is a product very different from other types of tea, even though they all originate from the same plant.

Tea has long been associated with weight loss, in both the traditional Eastern medical community as well as in cultures across the globe. Once study, conducted in 1998 by Chinese researchers, looked at how oolong tea affected weight loss. The researchers focused on the results from 102 female participants, and found that continuous consumption of oolong tea led to a measureable reduction of body weight over a six week period. The results of the study led to increased research into the powers of oolong tea for use as a tool for weight loss.

When it comes to a scientific explanation of why oolong tea appears to aid in weight loss, a long-standing belief is that it is the caffeine component of tea that is significant. Caffeine acts as a stimulant and thereby increases metabolism, which also increases energy expenditure. The result: more calories burned with no additional physical exercise. However, scientists suspect that caffeine is not the only component within tea that aids in weight loss, and several notable studies have looked at what other factors may play into the power of oolong tea to cause a reduction in body weight.

The United States Agriculture Research Services’ Diet and Human Laboratory conducted a study to better understand the degree to which oolong tea affects energy expenditure within human subjects. The study was comprised of 12 men who were given four different beverages over a three day period. The beverages were formulated as follows: 1) full strength oolong tea, 2) water which was caffeinated to the same level as full strength oolong tea, 3) half strength oolong tea, and 4) regular water with no added caffeine.

The energy expenditure of the participants was measured over a 24 hour period and resulted in significant findings. For instance, over the course of a day the participants who consumed full strength oolong tea or caffeinated water experienced an approximate 3% jump in energy expenditure versus the period during which they simply drank regular water. Furthermore, when consuming full strength oolong tea, an average of 67 more calories were burned vs. drinking the other preparations. Most impressive was the finding that fat oxidation was increased at a rate of 12 percent while drinking the oolong tea versus drinking the caffeinated water. This suggests that there is more at play in the chemical makeup of oolong tea than the simple presence of caffeine.

A 2003 study conducted by Japanese researchers looked into the differences between green tea and oolong tea in relation to weight loss. Study participants were given preparations of green tea, oolong tea, and water. Their energy expenditure levels were measured over intervals of 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes. The results suggest that while energy expenditures associated with drinking either green or oolong tea were above those measured after drinking water, the levels exhibited while drinking oolong tea far outpaced those resulting from consumption of green tea alone.

In addition, the study measured the levels of caffeine, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and polymerized polyphenols in the green and oolong teas, and compared those levels to the rates of energy expenditure. Although green tea has higher levels of both caffeine and EGCGs, polymerized polyphenols were found in much higher concentrations in the oolong tea. These findings suggest that it is the polymerized polyphenols within oolong tea that contribute to increased energy expenditure and weight loss.

A high-quality supplement is the most efficient means of obtaining the proper levels of oolong tea to produce weight loss results. By consuming oolong tea in a condensed supplement form, consumers can reap the amazing weight loss benefits of oolong tea without having to consume large volumes of brewed teas throughout the day.

Advanced Formula Tea Tone Plus is a unique and powerful tea blend that combines extracts of green, oolong and pu-reh teas with raspberry ketones to maximize the health benefits of each of these ingredients. By combining these four ingredients the power of synergy is multiplied exponentially. Each ingredient is enhanced by the others, giving you a much more assertive weight loss tool than any one component could provide on its own. 
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Weight Loss and Health Benefits of Pu-reh Tea

Many people have heard about the “new” craze in weight loss. Pu-erh tea is being touted as a powerful weapon for those who wish to drop pounds, and medical research suggests that it has additional health benefits, as well. Ironically, this “new” discovery is actually over 2000 years old!

 Pu-Reh tea has been grown and processed in China for reaching as far back as the year 202 BCE. Historically, the tea leaves were hand-picked and then either immediately pressed into tea cakes and sold as “raw” or “green” pu-erh, or put through a fermenting process. Historically, the fermentation was created by taking the green tea cakes and storing them for up to 100 years. In 1975 the Kunming Tea Factory developed a much faster fermentation process that remains in use today.

Modern pu-reh tea is hand-picked, and then spread out to dry. Each day the leaves are turned, splashed with water then covered with a cloth. After 40 to 40 days the fermentation process is complete, and the tea is then fully dried and pressed into cakes for shipping and storage.

The Chinese have used pu-reh tea for centuries to treat “internal dampness.” This condition is thought to be a buildup of excessive internal energy created from an inability of the spleen to process energy that is received from the stomach. Other uses are weight loss, improving blood circulation, removing toxins from the body, curing dysentery and treating hangovers.

Medical researchers have taken interest in the health benefits of pu-reh tea, and multiple studies have suggested that the tea contains powerful chemical compounds that can improve health in a variety of ways. One study by the Wun-Shan Branch Tea Research and Extension Station in Taiwan looked at the effects of various types of tea on cholesterol levels. The study compared both the HDL-C (good cholesterol) and LDL-C (bad cholesterol) levels of lab rats when given green, black, oolong and pu-reh tea leaves. The results showed that the animals that consumed the cooked (fermented) pu-reh tea experienced significant increases in their levels of “good” cholesterol and reductions in their levels of “bad” cholesterol.

Human studies also suggest that pu-reh tea has the ability to markedly reduce cholesterol. A study at Kunming Medical College in China looked at 86 participants, all of whom had high cholesterol. Researchers gave 55 of the participants a daily regimen of pu-reh tea three times per day. The remaining 31 patients were given a cholesterol reducing drug. At the completion of the two month study, participants who consumed the pu-reh tea experienced a reduction in their blood cholesterol levels of 64.29%, as compared to the reduction of 66.67% experienced by the drug. The conclusion: all-natural pu-reh tea has a comparable effect on cholesterol levels as that of using a synthetic drug.

In this article we have focused on research that supports long-held beliefs about the health benefits of pu-reh tea. However, there are other natural products that also enhance health and aid in weight loss. In particular, green tea, oolong tea and raspberry ketones have all been shown to be powerful tools for anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy, natural way while also improving their overall health.

Advanced Formula Tea Tone Plus combines the benefits of pu-reh, green and oolong tea extracts and raspberry ketones in one powerful, all-natural supplement. Not only is it more convenient to choose a combined supplement, it is also significantly less expensive than sourcing all four of these ingredients individually. Furthermore, the combination of these four potent components allows them to work in a synergistic manner, actually increasing the potency of each individual ingredient.

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